Touching Base!

Hi fellow bloggers. I haven’t touched base since our class ended several weeks ago and simply wanted to drop by to say I’ve enjoyed keeping up with many of your blogs and I look forward reading even more very soon.

I’ve posted a few “interviews” recently with other bloggers that you may find interesting. I’d actually welcome any feedback you might have on the posts. Also, I’m always looking for good candidates to interview if you have any suggestions.

I’m looking for bloggers who are interesting in some fashion…either they have a unique way of writing, their niche is compelling, they have built a large audience, or something else that readers might be interested in. If you have anyone to suggest, please let me know!

We’re all in this blogging growth mode together so I figure the more we can learn from others who do this, the better.

Warmest regards, and happy holidays to all of you!

Dave H.