Over the weekend, I updated several earlier piano music posts for the following artists to include a more complete set of their albums, some videos, and links. Originally, I had just included a limited sample when I was just starting my blog, and I wanted to enhance these older ones more like recent posts (which are listed below).

Kevin Kern
Brian Crain
Joe Bongiorno

Based on recent suggestions, I decided to try to re-post them rather than creating new posts. So I changed the original post from “Published” to “Draft” status, edited that original post with the new content, and then pressed “Update” to save that “draft” with a different date, which changed the permalink URL slug. (Note: at first I tried keeping the original date and slug, but that did not notify followers of the change). This changed the “Update” button to “Publish”, and after previewing it, I clicked “Publish” to re-publish it.

I noticed that the post still retains the original “Likes”, and I assume this process would send these post updates that were re-published to my followers, and I wondered if some of them might confirm whether they received anything or not. Of course, non-followers would not know about these changes since they would not appear with recent blog posts (since they have much older dates and are still way back in the archives).

Therefore, I thought it would be useful to update the Music Calendar for Nov 18 and 19 so I show them with an asterisk (*) after their names with a note at the bottom of the table. Their original entries on 9/19, 9/26, and 10/3 no longer exist since they were Published again on different dates after being changed to Draft status and then updated. Also, I included a brief note at the end of the post which mentioned that this replaced an earlier one.

I would appreciate any feedback whether this seems like a good way to do such updates. I also plan to introduce roundups also, but haven’t got those going yet. Any other suggestions?

Note: this post was edited based on my experiences, which required that I change the date to have it re-published with follower notifications; otherwise they weren’t informed of any change.