Twitter Talk…

Hi! I wanted to take a moment to chime in with about Twitter. I saw a couple people talking about it and I hope I am able to put some minds at ease.

Twitter is truly an easy social media network. Here is the thing though…it is not an “if you build it, they will come” kind of deal. Social media requires you to be social. Twitter requires you to be short and social. LOL! It’s not like FB where liking something is “enough”. Twitter is about engagement, banter and sharing.

Using 140 characters to communicate a message is hard sometimes but I am open to answer questions about Twitter. I use it a lot – I have 3 accounts – a personal account, an account for my jewelry design company and an account for my blog.

Ask away!

I will answer the first question I know will come – How do I get followers?

The question should really be – How do I connect with others?

I went into Twitter with the same thought I went into FB with. I did not want to just collect followers or friends. I wanted them to be people I actually connected with. I started following people who were actively tweeting content of interest to me. I commented on what they were says, I retweeted some stuff and interacted by adding to the conversation using hashtags. Building a Twitter following takes time and deliberate effort. I clean out my followers lists weekly to keep it spam free and I share content – mine or someone else’s several times a day.