Let’s Get Started

Firstly, I would like to say, I am not an expert in blogging. I was just a Blogging 201 like everyone else but felt that continuing our online community was an opportunity not to be missed. I will do my best to run this group but please bear with me whilst I get the ball rolling.

Everyone that has left their username should have now received an invitation to be an author on this group. Once you’ve accepted the invitation you will be able to write new posts as you did in Blogging 201. If you have not received an invitation yet I may have missed you so apologies! Leave a comment here with your username (not your URL) and I’ll get you added as soon as possible.

Feel free to write posts on anything blogging related but I will also be posting weekly challenges and/or discussion topics to keep us engaged and developing our own blogs. However please continue to abide by the guidelines set out in Blogging 201 to keep this space on track:

Commenting Guidelines
Please do not post entire original pieces of writing here. If you’d like specific feedback on something, either share a link to your own blog or copy and paste this template into a post, adding your details:

Excerpt: A passage or short post you’d like us to read and focus on.

Goal: A brief summary of your goal.

My Questions: One or two questions. The more specific you are, the more we can help.

Link (Optional): The full post published on your blog, if applicable.

This makes it easier for everyone to respond to your request. Please note that we will remove original pieces posted in their entirely, but you can always retrieve them from the dashboard here.

If you’re not looking for specific feedback and would like to share a post from your blog or elsewhere that’s related to what we’re working, feel free to post a link with a brief description of what you’re sharing and why.


  • Avoid posting photos or videos here; they can slow the site down considerably for folks on slower internet connections.
  • Don’t share unrelated or promotional content — it will be removed.
  • Keep all your comments respectful and supportive.

Happy blogging everyone!