Artist Mention

Recently, I started including mentions for both my blog and the artist in my music posts. I thought this might be a good way to extend the audience for my blog by reaching the artist’s fans via Twitter and Facebook.

I wasn’t sure how the artists might respond to this mention. However, I was totally surprised and pleased that Laura Sullivan (@lsullivanmusic) actually favorited my tweet (placing it in her Favorites tab).

She also tweeted this reply which mentioned my Twitter Blog with the following:

@dpw67blog Thank you so much, Doug! Truly appreciate the support. Many blessings!

Hopefully anyone that follows Laura will see my tweet and her positive response and check our my Twitter Account for my WordPress blog. Maybe this will add more followers who discover it this way.

I’m going to keep trying this and see what happens, but this looks encouraging. Does anyone have any other Twitter suggestions?